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New words added to Oxford Dictionary

  Some of Friday's additions are the familiar ones, like 'tweetable' and 'social sharing,' which refers to people's growing need to post every piece of daily trivia to the Internet, Fox News reported.Others like "dumbphone" are also included, even if you don't use the term yourself.

A medley of new words have been added to the online Oxford Dictionary, with braggadocious advances in technology boosting our burgeoning lexicon.
'Tweetable' has been added to the quarterly update this February as well as 'social sharing' and 'dumbphone', the latter being the brick-like elder of a shiny new smartphone.
Other new words added include 'touchless', an adjective reserved for devices activated things like voice control as well as 'cruft', a fantastic addition to the dictionary, which refers to all "badly designed or unnecessarily complicated" codes or software.
Another selection of words reflect the appetites of modern Britons, with 'appletini', 'burrata', 'tray bake' and 'flexitarian' also added to the online dictionary.
Burrata and appletini are gracing menus of trendy restaurants and cocktail bars across the country, with the former a kind of melt in the mouth cheese similar to mozzarella and appletini a cocktail of vodka mixed with apple juice, apple liqueur, or cider.
Flexitarian is a description to be applied to those vegetarian friends who are a little less strict with their diets, including some meat and fish as well as vegetables.
Also of note are 'blootered', listed as an informal Scottish word for being very drunk and 'schlumpy' which means slovenly or scruffy.
For the full list, see Oxford Dictionaries blog here.
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/02/25/oxford-dictionary_n_2757903.html 

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